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Most people have feelings of anxiety or feel depressed at times. Facing difficult and stressful situations can lead to sadness, nervousness and anxiety, and are normal reactions to these situations. Depression and anxiety are classified as disorders when they are experienced frequently (daily or near daily), when they occur for no apparent reason, or when the feelings are out of proportion to the causal stressor.

Depression and anxiety are two inter-related issues that are sadly all too prevalent in our society - especially amongst seniors. It is not uncommon for someone to experience both conditions at the same time. Loss of loved ones, loss of mobility, physical ailments, financial worries – any number and combination of these factors can cause stress and all can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression.

There are fortunately many ways to combat these issues: with medicine, therapy, lifestyle changes and with Integrative Therapies in which multiple strategies are employed in a “holistic” approach to treatment.

Adding a structured activity program into a senior’s life can be a great first step in reducing or limiting anxiety and depression. When designing the program, strive for “failure free” activities. These activities that ensure success are a great way of increasing feelings of self-worth, thus combatting stressors such as a changing lifestyle, loss of mobility or ability to perform certain tasks. Keep your activity program structured from a scheduling standpoint. Try to build the program into a senior’s routine – this will maximize the benefits.


About R.O.S Therapy Systems: R.O.S. Therapy Systems began as a backyard project in 2010. Scott Silknitter was searching for tools to help his mother care for his father, Roger Owen Silknitter, during a 25-year fight with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. That project became a personal mission to help all family caregivers. From family caregiver training and activity books to mobile apps to activity systems, R.O.S. has grown to become a single-source provider of informational “how to’s” and a growing provider of adaptive tools for the millions of husbands, wives, children, and family members that become caregivers.

Common sense advice and instruction based on proven principles of communication, engagement, and daily living are the heart of everything R.O.S. offers for family caregivers. Improving quality of life for caregivers is our mission, and designing everything for a family caregiver struggling with a loved one is the starting point. Whether it is dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, ALS, stroke, visual impairment, developmental disabilities, or any other issue that forces someone to care for a loved one, R.O.S. and its Caregiving 101 program are here to help.