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Organizations Uniting to Provide Caregiver Education, Caregiver Resources and Fund Research to Raise Quality of Life for Those with Parkinson’s

Greensboro, NC (July 11, 2018) Caregiving 101 is pleased to announce our engagement as a partner to Pushups4Parkinsons in the global 10.10.10 Challenge. The movement is an effort to challenge the world to do 100 million push-ups and raise $100 million in 6 months (10 push-ups and $10 at a time) to find a cure for Parkinson’s, support and educate caregivers, and improve quality of life for those living with Parkinson’s.

We unite with Michael J. Fox Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation, Relias Academy, Brian Grant Foundation, Parkinson’s Queensland, Seniorlink and many other organizations in promoting the campaign, already underway.

PushUps4Parkinsons, organized by the Cutler Foundation, originally began as founder Evan Cutler’s personal challenge of 100 push-ups every day for life, to honor his father Keith during his courageous 14-year journey with Parkinson’s, and mother Arleen, dedicated caregiver.

Now known as the 10.10.10 Challenge, participants are encouraged to record and share a video or pic of themselves doing 10 pushups, give $10 at, and challenge and tag 10 friends do the same.

“Caregiving 101 was asked to provide free resources such as family caregiver tip videos plus activities and engagement tools to improve quality of life through its free membership site that holds thousands of content pieces and we have answered that call”, said Scott Silknitter of Caregiving 101.

“A special thanks to our partner, Relias Academy, for agreeing to offer the Caregiving 101 Parkinson's Family Education Courses to family caregivers around the world for free. The 7-part Parkinson’s Family Education series will be available in English language format on July 15 with eight additional language versions to follow shortly.” said Silknitter


For more information, or to get involved today, please visit or find us on Facebook.