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Caregivers often find themselves stressed and worried about their senior loved ones. Even when they provide great care, it can be hard to be there all the time to catch all the little things, and to recognize red flags for what they are.

Fortunately, caregivers are not alone.  There are many tools, resources, and services available that can help eliminate stress and worry and improve care for the seniors.

The follow are 3 steps caregivers can take to reduce worry and stress while improving quality of life and care for their loved ones:

Step one: Address diet: One little known fact is that millions of seniors in the US suffer from malnutrition. Complication with medication, mobility, and income can lead to poor diets, poor absorption of nutrients, and poor health. Addressing diet is the first step a caregiver can take. When a senior is getting the foods they need, they will experience better health. If a senior is having difficulty preparing their own meals, or making meals that fit their dietary restrictions due to heart disease, kidney problems, etc., consider a service like Mom’s Meals, which offers fresh made, healthy, senior friendly meals delivered right to the door at affordable rates.

Step two: Address nighttime safety:  Slips and falls at night, when seniors are waking to go to the bathroom, or to get a drink from the kitchen, can lead to serious injury and other health consequences. Helping your senior loved one to stay in bed at night by having what they need close at hand can help protect them from falls. . Sometimes a few simple changes and products can lead to far greater safety and peace of mind.

Step three: Address incontinence care: When incontinence is addressed properly, normalcy and dignity can be achieved. Without the proper tools and products, a lack of confidence, discomfort, and more may result.  With a range of products that includes washable undergarments, swimwear, active wear, pull-on underwear, adult diapers, briefs and pads, there’s no shortage of available products to meet the needs those with urinary or bowel incontinence.

By doing these three things, you senior loved one will not only be safer and happier, but have better quality of life. And you will feel far less stress and worry over their care.


About R.O.S Therapy Systems: R.O.S. Therapy Systems began as a backyard project in 2010. Scott Silknitter was searching for tools to help his mother care for his father, Roger Owen Silknitter, during a 25-year fight with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. That project became a personal mission to help all family caregivers. From family caregiver training and activity books to mobile apps to activity systems, R.O.S. has grown to become a single-source provider of informational “how to’s” and a growing provider of adaptive tools for the millions of husbands, wives, children, and family members that become caregivers.

Common sense advice and instruction based on proven principles of communication, engagement, and daily living are the heart of everything R.O.S. offers for family caregivers. Improving quality of life for caregivers is our mission, and designing everything for a family caregiver struggling with a loved one is the starting point. Whether it is dementia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, ALS, stroke, visual impairment, developmental disabilities, or any other issue that forces someone to care for a loved one, R.O.S. and its Caregiving 101 program are here to help.